RV Quality??


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I am beginning my first search for a good RV for my family. I anticipate purchasing a travel trailer. Is there a credible, objective online resource that ranks the overall quality, dependability of trailers? Do you have any advice on what brands are considered to hold up best and to retain their value longer?

Any help will be greatlyk appreciated.
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C Nash

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RV Quality??

Bmosbacker, I don't know of any online resources that rank rv but there are several publications that you can purchase that rank them but, personally I don't pay to much attention to them. Look around and see what brands are still on the road and I think you will find that the airstreams seem to hang around a long time and hold their resale better than most. I have owned several in the past and all held up and sold them for same or made a little profit on all after using each several years for camping. Owned a 1958, 1972, 1981. (AJMO)