rv refrig problem

hello all.
need some help, just opened my rv refrig door for this season and i smell ammonia, is there a fix or just replace it with a new one. it is quite old 1985 but worked fine last year. do the replacement units use ammonia for cooling? thanks bob


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rv refrig problem

Hope you got what you need from rvmobile. I use it on occasion as well, but thought that I'd offer an opinion as well. I'm sure by now that you have confirmed that the coolant is leaking as it is ammonia and you at least need a new cooling unit. But since it is an 85 refrigerator and the cooling unit probably will cost you more than half of the price of a new refrigerator, I would go with a new one since the cooling unit would have a guarantee, but no other part will if you only replace it.

Hope that all is going well!
rv refrig problem

yes i am thinking the same thing, 550.00 for the cooling unit or replace the fridg, the shipping to n.j will take a while and i need to have this done before 6/1. also the new fridg should just fit right in place of old one, thanks. bob
rv refrig problem

concerning the fridge I have the same problem, is there anything that cna be done to repair such as leak repair or anything like that.
thanks, tony