RV shock absorbers


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Any opinions on Monroe Gas Magnum RV shocks or any other brands ?
I am replacing the shocks on my 1997 Ford E350 Class C RV.
thanks. stu
RV shock absorbers

Dont know about the Monroes,but I just had mine replaced with Bilstein shocks because the mfg.recommended them. Expensive,but the difference in the handleing and the stability on the highway is worth it IMO. If you are a DIY check out the rear shocks,some are a bear to replace because of the holding tanks. Got the best price on Bilsteins at Auto Zone. Check it out,LOL. Will.
RV shock absorbers

Monroe shocks will provide a softer ride with a tad more sway. Bilstiens will have a slightly harsher ride and are slightly more stable. I have always gone for the smoother ride...

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