RV Storage Questions

I am looking into adding quite a bit of RV storage space to a mini storage facility I own, and am trying to get some help learning about the market. Currently, in the area I am located, the only options for storage of RV's is either in an outside lot at a dealer, or in a community building for the winter months where you don't have access to your RV until the building is emptied...

My questions are... is there a demand for individual enclosed storage? Is completely enclosed storage much more desirable than simply covered storage? Assuming that a storage unit is 35 or 40 feet by 12 feet, can most RV's fit into such a stall? Is a gravel floor sufficient for most users, or is it necessary to concrete the floor? Is there any demand for climate controlled units? Finally, how much would a person pay for fully enclosed individual units per month on a 12 month lease?

Thanks so much for helping.

RV Storage Questions

We would love to have enclosed storage for our camper, especially in the winter months when we do not use it. The only problem is that it would have to be a reasonable rate and I don't know if that would be possible if the area was enclosed. We have ours now in a storage facility that is concrete slab and security gate from 6 am to 10 pm. It runs $60.00 a month and we will have to get a cover for the winter. Climate control would be nice, but what would this cost a month? The rate we are paying seems high for what we are getting, but it is close to home.
RV Storage Questions

Covered storage would be great if a person can find it at a reasonable price. Being climate controlled may or may not be required as a person can still winterize the unit to prevent freezing. Suggest you offer both and charge a higher price for heated area's. Some people camp year round and do not want to take time to winterize every other week during freezng weather.

Sun and rain is one of biggest contributing problems with maintaining a good condition on the finish on most units.

Lenght of your storage units may be another issue you want to look at as newer units are getting longer and longer. Most newer MH units would need 40-45 feet now.

Locally where I am there is no inside storage, all we see are units parked at some local storage business areas and that is always an outside deal. Usually costs around $25-30 per month. Some cities even now have laws-ordinances concerning the storage of larger units on your personal property within city limits. This forces a person to seek storage elsewhere.
RV Storage Questions

Would like to know what area you are from. I am one of the lucky ones. I have a barn I keep my RV in so all I have to do is walk 75 feet and I am at my RV. It is not heated but I do have a double barrel stove in there that I fire up when I am in there working on some winter project.
For those who are interested, I build this barn from lumber from my own place. It is 28'x 48' and my doors are 12' tall. Have around $8,000 invested. Had a man come in with a woodmiser sawmill and sawed out my logs. I nailed them up green and used the "board on batten" system. Did a lot of work myself and hired 4 men to help me with the trusses and roof. Anyone interested in seeing it e-mail me and I'll send you a picture of it.
RV Storage Questions

The highest I have found in louisville kentucky. For a 40 ft unit stored in a old underground limestone mine. So stored at 55 degree in winter w/o heat. cost 225.00 per month. I have mine stored outside at public outdoor storage lot. $40.00 per month. Local RV dealer has lot that charges 75.00 per month. I'm pickling mine today but if I had lots of trips planed during the winter the underground would be great. There was a large cave close to lexington ky that use to store boats and RV but found storing paper documents pay better per sq ft. The big problem in underground is limited time to get in out.

RV Storage Questions

Gad Zooks, You are getting off cheap! I wish I could find an outside R.V.storage for $30.00 bucks a month. I live in Southern California. The cheapest place I can find is $80.00 month and its parked on dirt in a hay truck parking area. Here in So. Cal. if you want an enclosed climate control parking area the cost is $250.00-400.00 mo. pending where you live. I rented a space with just a cover, concrete slab and it was parked 10 miles from home it cost $130.00 mo. Was it worth it? NO. The coach got all banged up from being parked so close to other rigs. They squeezed them in like sardines. We found some friends that have RV parking and we pay them $50.00 mo. and a 12 pk of beer.
Thanks for eveyones time.
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