RV toilet durability

Both myself and my wife are heavy. We recently purchased a new travel trailer that had a Thetford Aqua Magic toilet, the lowest price of the Thetfords. After seeing one of these in a store and how lightweight the plastic is, I started worrying. With my weight, I am thinking that's it's only a matter of time before it collapses.

:question: So, does anyone have a suggestions on what might be a worthy replacement. I'm thinking that another Thetford would be the easiest to change out. But which one would offer the greatest stability and peace of mind. We are leaning toward the Aurora, but I'm also looking at the Sealand 510 plus. The only problem with the Sealand is what looks like too small a base. Just how stable and unbreakable would it be it you leaned one way or the other like we all do when using a toilet.

Looking for any thoughts on this. Thanks.


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RV toilet durability

Let me suggest that you visit the Thetford website and use the "contact us" to find out what the reasonable weight limits are for each of the toilets. As I recall they also have phone numbers listed on the website that you can call for information. I would think that the best source of information would be their site?
RV toilet durability

How much do you and your wife weight? The reason why I am asking is I have seen many rv toilets break due to lifting a cheek. All rv toilets have GUWL or Gross User Weight Limits listed on them some in hard to find locations. What type and model do you have?