RV trip to Australia anyone?


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The RV industry is by far smaller in Australia than the USA, but in many respects thats probably a good thing. I have just started cruising around Australia, but I have some tips for how best you can do it, particularly if you are interested in holiday trips. The other option is buying and selling a less expensivevehicle. The best option is doing a RV return. You can get a 'campervan' for as little as $1-5/day with a $100-300 trip fuel allowance to return the vehicle to base. I took 8 days to drive from Darwin to Sydney, paid just $5/day and got a $300 fuel allowance, which covered half the fuel cost for the 400-4500km trip. Anyway I have documented my trip in my Campervanning blog at www.sheldonthinks.com, and there are photos as well.