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Any recommendations about RV'ing and using WIFI? We r getting ready to retire and do some RV traveling. I would like to be able to access Email, etc. Is it expensive, is it reliable, etc.

Verizon makes a wireless card for your laptop, like $60/month. It's essentially "wireless dial-up" so expect the slow speeds. However it will work as a hi-speed card as well, just like a normal wi-fi card. I am guessing as time goes by they'll get cheaper/faster. In the meantime not a bad option, and I checked and it's quite prevalent. Good luck-Santos


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WiFi works to a varying degree and only in some locations. Some you have to pay for (sometimes at a very high rate) and others are 'free' with your service. Not all WiFi is well implemented. I stayed at one park which advertised WiFi, and they had it all right. I had to carry my laptop right next to the office to get a signal :)


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I've used several of the wireless broadband cards, and I agree with Santos on the Verizon card, it works the best of all of them. I did a lot of emergencey response work during Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, and found the Verizon card worked better than all of the rest. A neat feature is that as Santos noted, its also a WiFi card if you are in range of a "Hot Spot". I understand there are also some satellite solutions, but I have not tried any of them.

You said "do some RV traveling?" so assuming like us you're not going full time as in only one home an RV? Don't make the mistake of running out to purchase service and all kinds of things you may not even need...we have a desktop PC at home, and purchased a notebook/laptop for our MH travels, it is wireless integrated and has a built in antenna in the lid. We also got a GPS to work with the laptop.We tow our car, and if we're camping where there is no WIFI, we simply go in the car, and pull into any Motel/Hotel parking lot, and our PC put's us right on line.( Got 12V. adapter so as not to run down battery) We also have gone into town where there is a coffee shop with Free WiFi to use.You can also find it in many shopping centers, and now Rest Stops along major hwys.all Krystal fast food places have it Free and some BK's.(McDonalds charge-Losers?) our last campground had it right at our site and in our MH, it was Great! fast never got knocked off, and had it on line for hrs. and hrs. At home we have dial-up, so I take the chek out of default, and signed on for a SoftHome. e-mail act.Free, and I use that for e-mail, gave that address to friends and fam. for when we travel.,I was even able to get on msn messenger with my niece, play games and chat using voice, it was clearer then our cell phone. enjoy the high speed of WiFi, plus it's Free, we retiree's don't pay for anything we can get for FREE...LOL Sue & Al

Another item to consider is a WiFi detector. Its a small device that will detect the presence of a WiFi network. they are around $25.
It beats using your computer to look for networks. You'd be suprised how many free access networks are in som pretty small towns.