Rving for next to nothing.


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Re: Rving for next to nothing.

I can't knock PA - at least in my case.....my daughter/hubby just transferred to Ft. Bragg, and have just gotten in their base housing and it's my task to deliver their washing machine!!! So, trying to find reasonably priced CG's in the Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg area has been interesting. Via PA, I was able to find a CG (Art's RV Sites) for $12.50/night....but, if I'd gone 2 weeks ago I could have gotten a site...this week has been special events on base, and I just heard today that the President is on base....then there's Memorial Day weekend so everything is full.

I don't know that much about 'Escapees', 'Happy Camper', or some of the other discount camping clubs - I have Good Sam (10% discount), CampClubUSA (50% discount with restrictions) and Passport America (50% discount with restrictions). I also have a membership to Thousand Trails and Outdoor World (both require annual dues and maintaining membership for a specified term) - so that might not be of benefit to you.

You will find 'monthly stays' to be cheapest, weekly stays will also be slightly cheaper than overnights. State Park camping is generally cheaper than private campgrounds, and accessibility is best on weekdays vs. weekends when the locals hit. State Forest camping is much cheaper, but rarely any amenities (water/sewer/electric).

As to shopping - Wal-mart is generally the cheapest for just about anything. If there are Super Wal-marts they feature groceries. The regular Wal-marts carry non-meat items (other than sandwich meats/hot dogs, etc). As to meals - inexpensive might not equal healthful! Back when we tent camped, we went for cheap eats and many times utilized the package mixes (macaroni/cheese, au gratin pototoes, etc.) to supplement ground beef (burgers, tacos, chili, etc.) and stocked up on canned vegetables/fruits.

I don't know the size of your freezer, but, for under $50, you could purchase a 'membership' to Sam's Club (wholesale club) or BJ's (wholesale club), or maybe Costco...which would allow you a discount on purchasing bulk meats, produce, canned goods. I've been finding pork to be the least expensive meat, and will generally purchase a pork tenderloin for $8 - $10, and cut it, package it and freeze it for about 18 servings (mostly make chops or maybe a small roast or two). Sandwich fixings (meats/cheeses) are in bulk packages, and might be something to consider. When we camped, quite often we'd have a quick & easy - grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.

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Re: Rving for next to nothing.

Be careful. Sometimes the 'wholesale' clubs are not the best deal. Some things are very competitively priced in bulk, some things actually cost more in bulk, particularly compared to sales prices at the retail stores. For instance, Costco seems to charge over $3 for a gallon of mile, which may be better than the $3.69 regular price, but is much worse than the $2 sale price you can often find it for.

Not to mention that storing 'bulk' in a RV can be exciting.


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Re: Rving for next to nothing.

I was in a PA park the other day in Montana, not going to give the name away, but anyway while talking to the PA member next to me about what he paid to stay there I kind of snickered since he paid the same as I paid. Hmmmm wonder who is shafting whom. I have been against PA for a few years since I had it and it did not work for me. I think they noticed. They sent me a life time membership for 299.99 and I sent it back and said no thank you that they are too expensive. Have not heard back from them. I figured that I would not be around long enough to make it worth my while.