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LYNN you are the best, as Steve has stated keep your head up high. I know without even knowing you , that it is his LOST. Always remember you are number one and always look after number one first. I have been in your shoes when my second wife left me with roof to go under and no money in the bank. But I was always told that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, although it may be dim, it will get brighter. Good luck in school and god bless you
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Hey Lynn, you are right about the Medical Coding. It is a growing field. I wish you all the best with the school and placement with a job afterward. I am your age, 59 + and I can't imagine having to start over. But, on the bright side you only have up to go and only have yourself to answer to! All the best to you!
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Sorry we missed you...when we were in were not. If ever back in the area, let me know. Keep your head high, you will get back on your feet and things will keep getting better.
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We are about to buy a diesel rv and plan to travel to our work instead of flying now.
Then I started reading what occurred to you. I am very sorry that your husband changed while over seas.
I have seen so many lives change from being in the service. Its hard to go through traumatic events that last for years. One day the world is normal, the next it is shattered. That is why we are actually buying an rv. We did all the right things. Worked, saved, put the kids through college and bam! Some person with no licence, no insurance, took so much. The chain of events that unfolded has left us in such an unbelievable state of depression.

I just hope you update and let your friends know you are ok!

Grace N