Safari Trek class A gas

I am retired and my wife and I have been been considering buying an rv. We have been looking for the past year and a half attending area major rv shows and also the natl show in Oregon last year. We would like to buy a class A DP but just starting out in this we are
thinking a smaller, less expensive class A Gas rig. We really like the Monaco Coach co. and took their factory tour while in Oregon, we were impressed with their operation. If anyone out there who owns a Safari Trek, 2004 or newer would give me their opinions of that model sure would appreciate it. Especially would like to hear on how comfortable that majic bed system is (we are 55 yrs old) and not sure if that thing will work or not. Also if you have had any major problems with the unit, customer service, overall opinion of the Trek. We will be starting out doing this part time and if we really like it will probably trade up to a DP. We love to visit the National Parks to hike, photography etc. and think this unit will fit in with that lifestyle for now.
Safari Trek class A gas

Welcome to the forum. I don't know a lot about the Treks but have been reading about them for about a year. I seen one here and liked what I seen and that's when I started to check them out. I signed up to recieve their newsletters and they send me the following site to. There are several for sale on this site.
Safari Trek class A gas

I have just researched a trek that was for sale here. (We bought a different rig) but here are my reasons for not buying, and most I got from the site in the previous entry.

You should have the same sleep habits as your spouse (we don't)
The beds get stuck and do have problems. There is apparently an after market fix for the beds.

I loved the way the rig looked when the bed was up, but also had concerns about making it, etc.
Safari Trek class A gas

When I was shopping around for my MH, I looked at Treks and found them to be way overpriced, for the most part. I was looking at Diesels, I didn't check into any gas models.