Satellite dish


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I need internet access . Which Satellite Company is good company to do busness with? Should I attach the dish to my R.V. or keep it free to move it arround (if nessary). Have you found that a sattellite dish is as fast as Road Runner? I also would like to use my lop top to help guide me with a G.P.S. instaled in the lap top. Will I be able to do this while driving down the road? Can you tell I'm new at this?


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Satellite dish

On the dish internet, there are two choices. You can either get one of the Direct Way connections with an automatic dish from Data Storm that is installed on the top of the RV, or there are now several dealers now who offer a portable dish that is mounted on a tripod. If you visit you can get some information on the tripod mounts.

On the GPS, there are two ways to go there as well. You can get one that sends a signal to the laptop and runs software on it, or there are also units that use a disk for map software and do not need any loptop but use their own display. The laptop is by far the less expensive way to go, but you would have to keep the laptop running on the dash where the driver can see it.