Satellite RADIO question

I'm going to add a new radio to my Class 'C' 2005 Winnie / Ford E-450. Old one comes out; new one goes in. No problem. However, I'm also going to purchase an XM satellite radio receiver that goes with my new radio. All that is fine. That's not the question.

The question is, "Where do I mount the antenna?" Of course, the simple answer is, "You dummy! On the roof!" However, I'm looking for a much better answer than that.

Will the antenna still work if I mount it on the 'side' of the home? Will it still 'see' the satellite whether I'm going east or west (so to speak)?

Perplexing without actually drilling holes!

Experienced help will be appreciated. Thanks!

PS. I've decided that a bracket on the SIDE of my MH will hold the antenna. Now where to route the cable?
PPS. Hasn't ANYONE installed a satellite RADIO in a MH yet?
PPPS. Adding a steel plate to the top for a mag mount is good!
Satellite RADIO question

XM Radio is GREAT! The satellite radio antenna sticks with a magnet. You can place it anywhere outside (even on the side). I've noticed that mine works fine even with the antenna inside the car.

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Satellite RADIO question

Sticks with a magnet! Great! Now all I have to do is find some steel in my roof! :laugh:

Thanks! That does give me some more ideas about mounting the antenna. I appreciate it!
Satellite RADIO question

If you mount it on top there RTV works fine if you have time for it to set up and won't mar your finish when you take it off.

Another option is to use Loctite 330, but this is a forever attachment :(

Your right not a whole lot of steel on most rv's
Satellite RADIO question

hey i don't mean to bother this topic but im looking to get a new radio for my motorhome and i need to know what radio's will fit how can i tell?