Satellite TV

Just bought Southwind motorhome which has a satellite dish installed. Need recommendation on satellite tv provider--DirectTV, DishNetwork or other. I'm being told that once I travel 50 miles from home--Northern California--I will lose all local stations which transmit the major networks--NBC, CBS, ABC. If that is so, doesn't seem to leave much left by way of viewing. Surely there is a way around this. My local installer folks who are used to hooking up to home and not to motorhomes aren't any help on this. Comments and suggestions welcome. Mike


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Satellite TV

Go to the web sites for both Direct tv and DISH networks. They are running specials right now and both state you can get local stations (NBC, ABC, CBS) and they have a listing of what cities or areas provide local stations. I believe you can get the local stations even while your on the road, as long as y our near a city that has them and is part of their network. There is a whole lot of stations that you can get besides local stations.....over a 100 stations depending on what plan you pay for.
Check their web sites and then make your decision.
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Satellite TV

You will sign a waiver that you are installing the network in a motor home. When we had DirectTV we were then receiving east and west coast programs with no local. It was kinda neat when you missed a network program on the east, you could pick it up on the west coast. Dont know if they have reached point where they will offer local programming to the RV world. :laugh: