satellite tv

This could be a stupid question.
I have a satellite dish on my class A but have never used it. If I changed my home cable to , say, dish satellite, could I bring my satellite box with me on the rv? I would have to manually aim the rv dish but if aimed successfully, would it work.
I would like to use it for internet connection for my laptop as well as tv access. I am also intrigued by the new nationwide telephone access by internet such as Vonage which, I think, could have family call your local number, and if your satellite is up and running, get you anywhere in the U>S> or Canada.
Can anyone help me with any of this???
satellite tv

On a trip I took last year to W.Mass. and CT my dish was unusable in several places because of the hills and the trees and the acute angle setting. One guy I met was trying to mount the dish on top of his big 5er to get better elevation but was not having much success.
satellite tv

sat. dishes work great on motor homes, been using one for 5 yrs. do yourself a favor and purchase an automatic dome type. king dome's can be bought new for under 700.00 bucks


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satellite tv

Your dish would work with the home receiver for TV as long as it is compatable with the TV service that you choose. I'm not sure if both Dish Net and Direct TV use the same LNB, but I think that they do. But it will never work with dish internet. That is because the internet dishes are much different. First, they are much larger, they have both an LNB which is very different than the one for TV and they also must have a feed horn and associated equipment, since they must transmit as well as receive. In most cases the two are entirely different systems. There are kits to allow the TV type of LNB to be installed on a dish for internet via an offset bracket, but it can not be done the other way around. The reason is that the internet does not use the same sattelite but since it has a much larger dish, with the proper bracket a user can get TV from the internet dish. We use just such a system. I have a dish from Starband and mounted on it is a bracket that holds the LNBs for our Dish Net TV. I hope that this helps.