ARCHER: Jumping in here. Of course your common sense logic works! <GRIN> Caveman probably assumed that there was only one receiver at home.

One issue is that without a phone line, you may not be able to do pay-per-view stuff. You can fix that, too. :cool:

I understand not being able to get pay per view without a phone line connected, however, I heard that you can not get Directv's NFL Season Ticket without the phone line too. Does this sound right?

I posted a message a few weeks ago asking whether or not I could legally take a Direcway satalite internet system with me in my RV. Well, acording to Maxwell Satelite, I could. I bought one of their systems ($1500) and they taught me how to aim it. I can set it up and aim it in about 20 minutes. It is working great so far!

I want to get the adapter kit that attaches to the Direcway satelite and lets it pickup Directv programing but I am having a heck of a time finding the adapter kit that will work with my dish and pick up from the correct satelite. The kit is called the "d-Kit". If anyone has any idea where I could get one, I would really appriciate the info. Thanks. Dave

As An Certified Installer of Directway, Directv, And others, An Authorized Datastorm VAR, An Authorized DirewayVAR, and others. I have read Some real Misleading Information About TRI PODS, and the "LAWS" Regarding these systems.

At the Moment DIRECWAY Will Only Recognize an Residential Installation or a "PERMANENT" Installation of a Two Way Dish (TX/RX) And the reasons for this is that there is a real uncertainty about CROSS POLARIZATION or Skew. TODAY there is NO LAWS of The "TRANSPORTABLE" two Way Dish ie: Direcway, Starband or any other ones. NOW the FCC Has No Laws, ONLY RULES and their RULE is the Bottom of the DISH must be at Least 5' from the Ground, the reason for this is the TRANSMIT mode of the DISH emits Radio Frequencies, That Some say is Harmfull. THE FACT IS the Dish EMITS As much as an CELLUALR PHONE you Stick in your ear.

As a DATASTORM VAR At first I was Atimate AGAINST the TRIPOD SETUP However TODAY I USE, MANUFACTURE and SELL THE ORIGINAL "PORTASAT" Having in excess of 1100 Customers. And Knowing the Ins and OUTS of the TRI POD, I DO NOT Discourage ANYONE, as A Matter of Fact I now strongly ENCOURAGE the Use Of the TRIPOD SYSTEM it is More Flexible than The Datastorm or Kvh, it is More forgiving than Any other type of Satellite Internet, and Finally it is Less Money than the Datastorm or any other type of 2 Way Satellite. So I would Have been selling these Long ago.

Further There has not been one CASE where DIRECWAY has Turned off ANY satellite for Mobility Purposes. I have SEEN Many Setups for the 73 Meter Dish, Some HOME BREWS and SOME Professionally Built. I do Beleive that there are a few things we must all consider. In the Best interest of the RULES, Home Brewed Setups Should Conform to the FCC 5' Ruling, The System MUST be USER FRIENDLY, and the Setup MUST BE SUPPORTED. I have Seen Some Home brewed Systems where the CROSS POLARIZATION HAS BEEN OFF By as Much as 45 degrees Causing A SLOWER RECEPTION and Signal Bounce EVERYWHERE! As a Result Mixing the Receive signal and Bouncing these waves all over the Place. If you Are Considering A TRIPOD Setup of Course I would Appreciate it if you Would Visit My WEBSITE OF COURSE I would Appreciate this, We are THE ORIGINAL PORTASAT, WE HAVE EXCELLENT SUPPORT, WE HAVE A COPYRIGHTED USERS MANUAL that is User friendly We have A TOTALLY TOOLESS SYSTEM for Setup and Dissasembley, Our Setup and Getting Online System utilizes the LATEST in Pointing Tools, where you will Not Have CROSSPOL Bounce,Affordable,An Excellent user Feedback,Activated By A CERTIFIED INSTALLER, DOES NOT MAKE YOU LEVEL THE TRIPOD SETUP, and FINALLY Exceeds All the RULES of the FCC and Direcway. But you choose who You Want. But PLEASE MAKE SURE (AND I SAY THIS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST) Make SURE you Get one that is Easily Setup, Is tooless (FOR THE HASSEL)AND Meets all the Rules Set forth. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HAS EXCELLENT SUPPORT AS PORTASAT DOES! CROSS POL is a Big Deal, And Transmit Signals DO Have Radio Waves that Can be harmefull. And FINALLY HAve A system that Has EXCELLENT SUPPORT, and A Users Manual That A child can read. I sold A system To A Couple who Work While they Travel As Alot of us do.

They Purchased a Dway 6000 System from Ebay (Thinking they Got a deal)Then they Bought and Rigged up a TRIPOD, Then tey tried to Get the System ACTIVATED on the "BLACK MARKET" They SPENT MORE than than They COULD HAVE SPENT Purchasing A COMPLETE ACTIVATED and SUPPORTED System From A reputable Dealer as I think we all remeber Directv and others Not wanting User setups, and there was alot of contraversy to User Setups, NOW you can Buy A user Setup System From them! The DIRECWAY 6000 Modem utilizes a series of Elevation And CROSS POLL testing And I have Spoken with Direcway and Have Friends there as I deal with them On A daily Basis, they KNOW there are Tripod Setups Out there, AND THEY KNOW WE MANUFACTURE AND SELL the Setups, AND THEY KNOW the ETHICS we utilize in Manufacturing Exceeding the FCC rules, and So Far they Have Said Nothing. So to recap Basically When You are considering Satellite Internet KNOW THE FACTS, Deal With Reputable People, ASK YOUR QUESTIONS FIRST (EMAIL ME AT I will RESPOND PROMPTLY and GIVE YOU STRAIGHT UP ANSWERS) And MAKE SURE you can Get Support when YOU NEED IT AS WE PROVIDE TO OUR CUSTOMERS ! I am Available ANYTIME by Email or visit our Website to get more FAQS. You Can Take the Direcway Spped test by Going to to see the Speeds. And FINALLY CHOOSE A SYSTEM that Takes ANY GUESSWORK out Of Setup, Support, and Other important features and topics of The Transportsable Tripod System.

Finally YOU CAN ADD DIRECDUO to your Satellite Internet Dish thus allowing DIRECTV on your ONE Dish Mount, By Adding an DIRECTV LNB/Feedhorn onto the brackets provided. CALLED "BIRD ON A WIRE"

Please feel free to Email me any Questions or Comments you May Have About DIREWAY. I am Available and Will respond. As a Fellow RVer, and Avid Internet and TV user, I am QUALIFIED to Answer your Questions or Listen to Any Comments.

HAVE A GREAT DAY! :) :laugh: :approve: