Saving money while RV camping!

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I am pretty new to camping, but a friend recently told me about Passport America - 50% Discount Camping club. I was interested so I called them up and spoke to a salesperson at length. She persuaded me to join. I received their package (i.e. Directory, Membership card, membership letter, decals, brochures). I have to say that what I see is pretty impressive. I was skeptical at first, but its working. I have already saved money. I paid $44.00 for a one year membership and I have saved over $100.00 just from staying at a few parks. They have a wonderful and very informative website ( They also have this referral program where I can even make money by telling people about Passport America! If anyone here has any questions or comments, I will be glad to answer and maybe help.

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Saving money while RV camping!

The big question is if the selection of campgrounds is are they any good? I checked out one operation but found that Woodall's gave them a poor rating.
Saving money while RV camping!

i have the passport membership and have used it in Scherts Tx. at Stone Creek and this is a very nice park. All the parks have a limit on the days you can use the discount.In reference to the park listings or quality, doubt very seriously they visit every park, they rely on satisfied and disatisfied people which is nothing more than a opinion pole.

Jerome E. Welsh
Saving money while RV camping!

We use it all the time with 100% success and satisfaction. It's the first directory we check when looking for a campground or park.

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Saving money while RV camping!

I just went cross country and every Passport America campground I stayed at was good or better. My only complaint is that there are parts of the country without any participating campgrounds, so I had to pay full price about half the time (and stay in rest stops a couple of times). By the way, some clubs (like Camping World's) can save you $5 or so on a Passport America membership.
Saving money while RV camping!

Hi All, We are first time RV'ers, and will be making our first long trip this month. Wanted to get some information on Passport America. Can you give me an idea of the general cost (what it the typical cost per stay) versus what you would pay if you were a member of Passport America?



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Saving money while RV camping!

'typical' is difficult to say. It would depend on what you are looking for - obviously someone's old pasture with no services will usually be cheaper than a paved park with all hookups, hot tub, golf course, fishing, etc. We recently went from AZ to NY and back, and found that the places we stopped tended to have prices in the $10 to $30 range (we required electric hookup at the minimum). The most we paid was $28 (non PassportAmerica park) and the cheapest cost us $8 (P.A. park). Average cost was probably about $15. We found conveniant PA parks about 25% of the time (including a top notch park in New York where we stayed while we were visiting there, $15 a night with all amenities and an extra person), non - PA parks about 25% of the time, with friends/relatives 40% of the time and in rest stops a couple times (for free, unless you count cleaning off the brown spots from the cattle truck which parked next to us :) ) Another free option is the parking lots of SOME WalMarts (check with the store manager first and BUY SOMETHING). As a last resort, try a truck stop.

Anyplace free (except friends or relatives houses - but bring at least an extra 50' of 10 ga extention cord AND water hose) won't have services and will likely be noisy. You may or may not be able to run a generator. Wear good earplugs (the disposable foam ones seem to work for me). Make sure they have a rating of 29 DB or higher.

If you stop at a non-PA park, check and see if they have an AAA or Good Sam or ??? discount, or a multi-night special (we have a local park - allegedly the highest ranked one in the country, whose amenities include a wood shop and a jewelry lab - which offers 1 night free when you pay for one. Even if a park doesn't regularly offer discounts, sometimes if they are not very filled you can work out a discount or package deal. Or not, but then if you don't ask, you definitely won't get a break.