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Are any of you seasonal campers or do you all travel around. If you are seasonal, were are you and what is you camp like. I am actually a duel camper. we have a pop up, have had one for 12 years but last year we bought a TT and placed it on a site because we liked the campground and I did not have anything to pull it with. I moved in in August and already have a shed and a golf cart. We love the place but am not sure how much the pop up is going to be used in the near future. Anyone else?
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sounds like you have what my wife and I are planning on doing. We just sold our truck and 32' TT for a 40' park trailer that will be permanently placed at the campground we like. We make a couple other trips a year so we will be picking up a popup for that. We decided on the change because we always went to the same campground and got tired of having the big truck to tow with. We ended up buying a GMC conversion van and love it but it can only tow about 5k safely so seasonal was a must. Its rated for 6600lbs towing but with the conversion package weight I dont think it is up to 6600 pounds anymore.

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I have had the same seasonal campsite for 14 years now (I just had a new park trailer installed - see my post at in General RVing) and love that. Last year was our first year in a travel trailer - I do not recommend seasonal camping in a pop-up eventhough I did it for 12 years. I bought my brother's TT and loved the seasonal camping life so much that in addition to ordering a new park trailer during the off season, I bought a used class C for off season traveling.

I love going new places and meeting new people, but I also love driving familiar roads for 90 minutes on Friday afternoon, hopping out of my Solara or Durango, turning on the water, unlocking the door, and having a 48 hour vacation every weekend without having to do much "work" beyond the first month of the season unless I choose to. With the new, bigger unit having just been installed, I am still working on indoor and outdoor projects. We changed the orientation of our 36' park trailer from how we had our 27' travel trailer. I am hoping to pretty much wrap these projects up during the month of April and have the rest of the season to do what I want to do, not what I feel like I have to do!

My seasonal site is at Smith Mountain Lake in VA. I can pay the lease at the current rate for the next 10 years and won't even come close to spending what a reasonable down payment on a lot would be! I can even add the cost of my new park trailer to that and still only begin to approach the down payment ball park!

I, too, have a shed and am looking at purchasing a golf cart by the end of the month. I have a 17' x 17' deck on my site (I refurbished it last year) and a newly designed fire ring area that I am pretty proud of. I am able to park my boat trailer on my site and have room for others to park as they visit for the day or a weekend. The campground staff and owner are awesome to work with and my neighbors are steady (of the sites in my immediate area, only 1 out of 5 has new folks this season) and family oriented.

As for my class is in the shop having some chassis work done. Once that is all taken care of, I will take over and begin working on the RV side of things. In fact, I am expecting my weekend project load to shift from refining my seasonal site and tweaking my new park trailer to getting my class C ready for the off season.
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We have a 36 ft TT on a seasonal site in Pa. We love the campground we are at. It is about a 2 1/2 hr drive to the campground from our home and we go almost every weekend during the season. We plan on going fulltime in about 5-6 years. Will sell everything and buy a truck and 5'er at that time.