Selling it ALL for a new life

Triple E

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Re: Selling it ALL for a new life

DL Rupper - 12/17/2009 5:30 AM

We just recently went the other way. After 15 years of full-timing I (not wifey) burned out on moving down the road. It seems we have been just about everywhere about 6 times over. The thrill was gone and Icouldn't keep the old RV maintained the way I wanted. We sold ALL the RV stuff,including the truck, and settled down in the Condo we bought last March. I guess subconsciously I could see it coming.

Another factored in our decision is the high cost of RV parks now. It's hard if you are moving frequently to keeps nightly costs under $30. Passport America helps, but most of the PA parks are only good for 1-3 days and not on the weekends.

I Would go absolutely nuts if I had to stay in 1 place in the RV, so with the way the economy is going we decided to get back in a low maintenance Condo before the economy totally tanks and our taxes get TOO high.

Luckily we have our pension as long as the Government doesn't go bankrupt.
:( :eek:
DL, Was it worth it and would you do it all over again?


DL Rupper

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Re: Selling it ALL for a new life

Hey Triple E, It was more than worth it. We would do it all over again in a heart beat. It was one heck of an adventure. If you can do it, go for it.

I just got burned out and I could no longer take care of the RV like I wanted to. I will say that we never got bored because we kept moving on down the road. We might stay here or there for a month at a time, but no long term stays. The longest we stayed anywhere was when we were campground hosts at Capitol Reef Natl Park. We stayed there for 3 mos and it was fun, but we decided it was a one time thing for us. :)


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Re: Selling it ALL for a new life

We had a 3-day "Everything Goes" sale December 11, 12 and 13.
Went really well - we cleared over $2000.00 in sales - but it looks like nothing is gone.

Kids (5 out of 6) were here over the weekend and took some more stuff. Still looks like nothing is gone.

We rented a 16' x 40' storage room and are stuffing it now. Will continue selling as we can.
Maybe we will have better luck come spring.

Replaced the water heater tank and the pipe connections at it. The drain plug spot had a "hot stick" in it. Original electric element went bad at some point and they didn't bother to fix it - just wired in a hot stick. New tank, element, presure relief and drain plug. I now have a back-up hot stick. Running and hot water now in the RV.



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Re: Selling it ALL for a new life


We finally got everything we wanted out of the house, sold what we could and gave a bunch away. Still stuff left, but nothing we want.

RV is set up for winter, parked next to and plugged into a warehouse we rented. Insulation and partial skirting installed.

Still aranging stuuf, but getting there!

Mike and Carla
RE: Selling it ALL for a new life

We've been thinking about selling our house and renting a small
one with RV space for our 31ft. Flair and take a few short trips.
Don't have room to park it here unless I cut down a few trees and
drive 70 ft. over the front lawn and stumps to get to the back yard.
Might be a few deep ruts in the winter time if I did that.
Now days, it's hard to maintain a house on a limited income. Renting
a house here in the Tri-Cities is expensive. The Boise area, where we
lived for 3 yrs, is very affordable but too far away from daughters in
Seattle area.
If this country goes into the craper any further, and I think it may,
then I wouldn't be able to even sell my house. Right now, homes
under 160,000 (like mine) sell fast compared to the rest of the country.
Of course if money was no object, making smart choices would be easy.
Best wishes to eveyone.

Fred Rubio from Pasco, Wa.
Re: Selling it ALL for a new life

Good for you! I just retired this week and next week we're going on the road for a month to two months. It's just me, wifie and a dog. The outrcome of that trip will most likely help us make a decision when it's time to full time it.
RE: Selling it ALL for a new life

I say go for it! "All you need is love" as the song goes. If you get burned out like some of these folks, you can always settle down in a condo or a house in the future.
Re: Selling it ALL for a new life

that is the best plan, try it out for a few months to see if you can last a long period of time before deciding if you want to do it full time.
hope it goes to plan and Happy Retirement :)
Re: Selling it ALL for a new life

Count us in the full timers, but not moving about the country column. In fact, we don't even have anything that will pull our fifth wheel - although I have suggested a hitch on the roof of the Accord. With the price of camper spaces, even if we were traveling full timers, we would stay at least a month in each spot.

Our next duty station might be more than 3 years, and we are considering purchasing a small piece of land - at least an acre - to park on. Anyone ever done that?

So far (almost a year) we are enjoying the micro-mansion. Living large in small spaces!


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Re: Selling it ALL for a new life

We have been fulltimers now since April of 2000 and what a grand experience it has been! We don't travel constantly but spend one to four months in an area, doing resident RV volunteer positions to stay active and involved and to learn new things. We start our next experience at Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery, tomorrow. We have been here now for two days and start training to do tours and such in the morning. We will also get the chance to experience the process of rearing rainbow and brown trout!

It has been a wonderful ten years and we get excited as we look to each new adventure!