Servicing times


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I bought a new Viking Pop-up and booked an appointment for some warranty work from the dealer I bought it from in Calgary,Alberta.They were booking ahead 5 weeks from now.
When I called to confirm my appointment I was told they are 2 weeks behind. Is this normal in the camper world to have to wait 7 weeks for servicing? Do I have any alternatives?


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Servicing times

Ian, depending on where your located and what time of year it is, you might have some delays, but I would not think 7 weeks is realistic. A lot of times spring is a really busy time with folks wanting to get everything ready to enjoy the summer camping season and it may run into early summer. If I were you, I'd contact the salesman that sold you the unit (I assume he/she was from the same dealer) and see what they have to say about it. Perhaps the sales manager or service manager needs to hear about it also. No dealers that I know want to only be known for "Sales" and not "Service".
Good luck and welcome to the forum. ;) :cool: :laugh: :)