Sewer chemicals

The people camped out next to us have that smell of the blue stuff found in portapoddies coming from there fifth wheel all the time. I can't open the windows without getting sick from feeling like I am in a portapoddy. I know a lot of them have formaldehyde. I know that blue stuff probably doesn't bother a lot of people, and that is fine. There may be a lot that use it. Am I smelling it because they keep their black tank trap door open so it drains the entire time? Or does that chemical smell linger because it just stays in the sewer? We don't use any of it, and don't have any problems with stuff smelling bad. I put 5 gallons of water and dump every five days and things are fine. I have been around a lot of other rv's and don't smell it, but on occasion I find that some areas of parks have that smell. It is coming from the people next door. I just want to know if it will go away after a while. We have a few more days and I just may ask to move if it doesn't.


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Do they have their sewer connection sealed/tight at the site connection? That is usually when I notice a smell coming from the sewage system itself. I am like you, do not dump the black tank until needed. If I am there for an extended time I will also shut the gray tanks to use it to flush the hose when I do dump the black tank.
I do the exact same thing you do, and never need to use those chemicals. I fill the black tank with 5 gallons of water every time, and have no problem. Thankfully we are in a different location now. I noticed that that smell was strong even in other locations of that park. I think the people next to us just kept it open all the time since they were permanent.

C Nash

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I agree they may not have a seal on there sewer hose. I also never leave the dump valve open till tanks are full. It's not to uncommon to smeel some sewage when dumping. I guess maybe some will come from the vents.