Shades to blinds


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Have a 72" night shade in my 5er that has seen it better days. Tried to restring it and it sort of fell apart it places. Instead of replacing it with another night/day night shade thought about replacing it with blinds/mini blinds of some sort. Was thinking it would be easier maintenance/installation if nothing else. Has anyone gone this route?



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Looks nice. How do you keep the blinds from moving about when traveling?

We were looking at something like that today, but ended getting a cordless cellular shade. Looks alot like the type in there now, but no strings
The factory installed wood blinds in our 5th wheel when we ordered it, 6 years ago. They have a plastic hold down bracket that goes into the bottom of the wood blind. We have broke a couple, but you can purchase new ones pretty cheap. Works great and we just close the blinds before we travel, no problem. We love them!!

Hope this helps and God bless,