Shopping for new DP - Need feedback


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We are in the process of buying a new 38 to 40ft quald slide, Cummins ISL Diesel Pusher. Our budget is around $200k. We want a good quality coach that we won't have trouble getting it serviced. e.g. coach manufacture pointing figures at chassis manufacture & visa versa. We plan on keeping the RV 10 years or more, At which time we may retire.

We've seen the following brands & here is our impression:

Country Coach (Inspire)- Pricey. Seems you get a very HD chassis but they "skimp" on interior cabinents.

Monaco (Diplomat & Windsor) - Diplomat seemed to lack quality inside the Windsor was better quality but pricey. I've heard Monaco's chassis (their own) is hard to get serviced. Some folks have to take their rigs back factory (OR) for some problems.

Newmar (Dutch Star) - Nice motorhome, good reviews, but seem to lack cabinents. Wife didn't like interior design/colors.

Holiday Rambler (Endevor & Scepter) - Didn't seem to have the quality interior.

American (Tradition) - A little over our budget ($225), but this one seem to have everything we like. Plenty of cabinents, good quality, side radiator & easy access to filters. It has a Spartan chassis, but as I understand it, American modifies it by putting in special frame rails???

I'm looking for feedback from this group on these models and any others you might suggest. Additionally, since we are really "leaning towards" the American Tradition any reason for not purchasing this coach.