Shore power blows GFI in house.

When hooked up to shore power GFI, it trips after sitting a while. I turned off all switches on the panel in the MH, then re-set the gfi, had someone watch gfi and went to coach and turned on switches one by one, when I got to Microwave switch it blew the gfi. Un-plugged the microwave and thought I had it fixed but tripped the gfi again. Could this be the switch/breaker or possibly in the convertor. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mel.
Shore power blows GFI in house.

Check the sizing on the gfi for one and the second gfi's are very sensitive surges. Also they do poop out
Shore power blows GFI in house.

Thanks everybody, found a loose ground and everything works great now except the furnace quit blowing hot air. See new post. Mel