Shot Gun In RV?

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Now just a cott'in picking minute there.....think about a couple of old excited folks in a crowded cam[ground firing their elite weaponry and just how many innocent bystanders are going to get hurt if not killed??????
How many papers have you picked up where criminals have shot folks in campgrounds?? Zero.........

When is the last time you have had to protect yourself and a gun was the only choice....

You for one should remember when you were taught Hand to Hand combat they talked about a Black sock in karate....

I certainly hope none of your family members gets accidentally shot......

Steve H

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Re: Shot Gun In RV?

tallyo - 1/25/2008 2:18 PM Sorry folks you gun runners will never ever convince this old fart that carrying a gun makes us all safer. Because I want to be 40 miles away when y'all start shooting...... Did I mention that the guy with the 22 missed the culprit and the round killed a 8 year old kid in his bedroom almost a mile away?
You can't be that much older than me!

Ironic thatsomeone from Florida would say that carrying a gun won't make all safer. There have beennumerous studies done about Florida (albeit some are dated)after it changed it's carry laws in 1987. Homicide rates dropped from 37% above the national average to 3% below. Overall crime rates were also below the national average.

One study that is a favorite of gun advocates is the Dade Count Department of Public Safety where they tracked CCW holders for 2.5 years. During that time there was not one single case in which a licensed holder had his gun taken away by a criminal, shot someone by accident, or was killed defending himself or another.

As many as 2.5 million crimes are thwarted each year in the United States by average citizens using firearms, and in most cases the citizen never has to fire a shot.

I guess there is no real point to my comments other than we disagree about the safe issue. I believe legally armed/properly trained citizens do make things safer for everyone and I think there is evidence to, if not prove it, at least provide a legitimate arguement that it does.

Best safe!

DL Rupper

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Re: Shot Gun In RV?

As long as the 2nd Amendment stands I'll be armed in my RV. End of Story. Get over it. Every time you lefty's camp in an RV park, most of your neighbors will be armed. ;)
Re: Shot Gun In RV?

And there's the rub........"properly trained gun carrying citizens" .hummmmmmmmmmm Just how would you properly train a bunch of old geezzers male and female to shoot to kill?????? Because, if you are going to point a gun at someone you best be prepared to shoot.

Not sure if you know where Dade County Florida is. But in case you don't, it's Miami area where folks live with windows barred and doors triple locked. No self respecting RV'er should go camping in that area PERIOD. But please don't try and convince me that because no gun totter has had his gun taken away is because they all are fully trained and their gun can't be taken away??? Probably in truth most gun thefts are never reported.

As I said from the start I know of no one who has ever been threatened enough in a campground to have the need of a gun. I have never been,or lived anywhere in North America where as I walked down the street I would have felt safer with a gun.... and that includes a few social trips to Tijuana Mexico.(Central America)

I shudder at the chaos if most of us walked around with a weapon. The more weapons laying around means the more weapons that could more readily fall into the hands of those big bad gangsters you feel so threatened by.
But my thought is the more folks carrying weapons the more the chances of accidental shooting because most can't shoot straight anyway.

Age hasn't a lot to do with it,but if it matters I am pushing the heck out of 70 years old.

I guess if I ever took you through some streets in NYC , Chicago, La or Miami you would have the safety off and your gun drawn????

Yes Sir I plan on staying safe..........that's why I don't carry a gun..... and avoid places that MIGHT be hazardous to my health.
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As I look at the bottom of my screen there is an ad,,,,

,"Shoot more accurately and faster than a SWAT Cop or Navy SEAL. Watch online training videos. Learn from top instructors."

Now this is great, learn to shoot on line........ Wow there is the best way to develop ones skills and abilities with firearms.......

If you go to the web site they have 10 questions to answer and if you get 5 right you get a free gift........ wow 50% accuracy and we're all safer... you can also go to GUN TALK TV.......

Shooting for 50 years? Never picked up a gun? Either way you'll find what you need on Gun Talk TV. The top shooters and instructors are here to train you! Whether your interest is in personal protection, trap, skeet, sporting clays, action pistol, long-range rifle, or you just want the gun basics, you'll find it here.
Dang no mention on where to aim to kill???
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I don't believe it........I just aimed my cork gun at the PC screen and it's stuck on the screen. Sure glad it wasn't a bullet......

Ok folks I have had my fun let's talk some serious RV stuff ok??????


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That was good tallyo,, now u see how it works around here ,, sometimes fun ,, and somtimes serious stuff ,, but i'ts what rving is about ,, u know ????
Bty if u would like to join our chat room ,, got to>>>>>>>>>>>>
we usally get on there around 9pm EST ,, but u'r welcome to join :approve: :cool: :cool: :cool:
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I am new here. Looks like a great web site for RV'ing. This posting compeled me to respond. I am 63 and rertired. Also a retired 21 year military man. I have guns in all my vehicles, home, and RV. I do not support the NRA.
Here is my story: A sunny day in the great state of New Mexico on our way to the lake with boat in tow. At a rest stop on a well traveled highway between Alamogordo and Las Cruces 4 youths decided to they needed whatever they could get from my family. The 1st youth tried to open my wife's door. Just as my wife screamed, I stuck my Ruger Blackhawk 45 long colt in his face and cocked the hammer Between her scream and looking at the barrel of the 45 all of them quickly decided to spend time elsewhere. I prayed that is what they would do, however there is no doubt that if he had openned the door I would have shot him.
I will protect those I love and everything I have worked to own. Life in meaningless to the youth of today. They will shoot you just to take your sneakers. Thanks to the state of Texas for the right to carry law and allowing me to have a say what I get to do with my sneakers.

DL Rupper

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Re: Shot Gun In RV?

Hey GEJim, welcome to the forum. Great story. I spend a lot of time in New Mexico, Arizona camping. Many of the RV Parks in New Mexico and Benson Arizona area are right on the illegal/drug runner nightways. In fact the Pipe Organ Nat'l Park Campground has illegal's going right through the campground at night.

My RV is my home so of course I keep my guns in it, where else would I keep them? This subject will never be decided. Some of us like to be safe, not sorry. Old I am. Probably won't miss if I need to shoot. Marine qualified EXPERT rifle/pistol, Sharpshooter BAR. No I don't have a BAR in my RV. JUST WISH. ;) :laugh: :laugh:
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I wonder if the guy in New Mexico ever thought of just starting up the vehicle and driving away?
It's easy to say he would have fired his weapon but saying and doing are two completely different things. I wonder if he had of had a round ricochet off the window and hit his wife how he would have felt?. Or if one of those kids fired back and shot his wife? I wonder if he had of started honking the horn and with her screaming would they have run off?

I especially like the part where there are guns in all his vehicles . So if someone steals or breaks into his vehicle that's a good source of a firearm? Maybe the gangsters know Texas is a good source of guns so they steal and break into cars regularly? Maybe congress should get involved here,,,,,,,,,,,,we now know the source of gun traffic?

A lot of us served in the military. Some of us were exposed to more weapons than others , some of us saw combat. Some of us even were range instructors. I love 45 caliber stories; as I remember a tour of duty where it was my job to qualify Naval Officers with the 45. Yikes most of those "squids" couldn't hit the target at 45 yards with both hands on the pistol on a clear day with no wind and 30 seconds to aim and no one shooting back at them.. I can see someones wife getting all excited grabbing a 45 and pulling the the round goes through the ceiling or the floor.!!

You folks may feel safer, but I worry more about you guys than I do the Gangsters.......
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In case y'all haven't noticed I do like to stir the pot a wee bit.

I am not totally against guns; I believe hunters and target shooters have rights. I know that the 2nd amendment was written in a completely different climate in our country's short life. I would doubt seriously that it would be written in todays. I think our military can handle any potential invasion force. We don't have to worry about finding someone to get in his truck and drive through the streets of Boston yelling "the British are coming" and then all of us grab our weapons and form up to march to the town square.

I do think that 95% of those folks out their "packing heat" are totally incapable of killing another human being, are totally unqualified to properly load, clean and fire that weapon and lack sufficient training ,skills to use it. But at the same time I know that 95% of them think they can will and are. And that's what scares me......

I know of 20-30year retired police officers who never ever fired their weapon in the line of duty.....I ask can they today shoot someone? I have an 81 year old friend who is a retired State Trooper who has a loaded 9 mm beside his bed and he says he'll shoot anyone who comes through his door. This guy barely gets his scotch to his mouth without spilling 1/3rd of it and he thinks he can hold a pistol steady? I worry about his daughter checking on him at night and he wakes up scared, grabs the 9mm and shoots her.

Have a great day folks............
RE: Shot Gun In RV?

I have never shot a gun. My dad is a retired police officer so I learned to respect his gun and always wished I had learned to shoot. We have never had a problem in a camping area but..........If we do I hope one of you with your guns is parked next to me and willing to get involved!

DL Rupper

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Re: Shot Gun In RV?

Hey tallyo, in case if haven't noticed, your heart is bleeding all over the post. Can't read what you said because of all the blood. Love you anyway. Semper Fi


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Re: Shot Gun In RV?

Just wondering since we have a bunch of gun toting RVer's. Do any of you varmint hunt as you are on the road? Part of the reason I have the guns in the RV is to varmint hunt as well as hunting in general. Just was out the day before yesterday getting my 17 fireball loads up and running and yesterday loaded 260 rounds to fight off the Sabre toothed sage rats that we hunt every spring in OR. to help the farmers out. Also am looking forward to hunting in as many states as I can to add to the food supply, might even do a bit of fishing, crabbing, clamming and down south some of the other food gathering(hunting) that I have never done. I hope I never have to use one of my weapons on a human being(if you can call some of the rotten pukes out there human) but if needed I damn well am sure I can deliver what is needed at the moment.


DL Rupper

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Re: Shot Gun In RV?

Done a little rabbit hunting and plinking out in the western deserts when my youngest son came out to visit. Little fishing when the license for out-of-state residents isn't to steep. Stopped hunting deer when I moved to Ohio in 1979. Just couldn't seem to get excited about sitting in some farmers tree with a rifled shotgun. Grew up hunting long range in the Utah mountains. I guess up close in the farmers orchard, Bambis eyes were too big and brown. Glad we still have hunters keeping the deer herds at the right size and healthy. Nothing worse than seeing the deer and elk herds get to large and start starving or getting diseased.
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Buckeye Chuck wanted to hear a real life story so I told him one. After reading the rest of the posts I have come to the conclusion that Buckeye and Tally yo need to move in together so they can ride off into utopia on their unicorn.


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I have never hunted along the roads varmint or otherwise. I have hunted, deer, elk, rabbit, quail, grouse, and a few other animals in mountains and deserts of utah. I have done some plinking from time to time in out of the way places where its safe to shoot without hurting anyone.