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We recently purchased a travel trailer and will be picking it up soon. We own a 2007 GMC Yukon and are having difficulty locating extended side view mirrors to attach to our specific vehicle. Does anyone know where these could be found?

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Re: side view mirrors

If you have, and I think you do, the new body style, you might be out of luck for a while. With new body styles it takes a while for the aftermarket to catch up. We sell a lot of CIPA extensions, but I have not seen them for your vehicle yet.

You could ask your GM dealer if the towing mirrors that go on the Pickups and Avalanches would fit. The mirrors I am talking about, pull out when you are towing and, push in when not. They give you a large blind-spot mirror also. I have them on my trucks and love them.

They came out in 2005 from GM and I went in and ordered a pair for my 2004 truck. The parts man went out on the lot and took a VIN number from a vehicle that had them on it. He ordered the mirrors under that VIN and was able to get them. They bolted right on. I do not know if they will fit your new vehicle though.

If they will not fit, you might have to wait until GM gets the new pickups on the market and do what I did when they are available.