Silencing the generator


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We have Generac 7.8HP (4000 watts) an it's loud.
Has anyone modified the exhaust on a portable generator to make it quieter? Has anyone utilized any device between the generator output and the trailer to ensure cleaner power supply to the trailer? Though I also heard, that If you add an extension or different muffler to your system, you are going to create additional back-pressure on the system, which isn't good. So maybe I should just give up already and swap it for a quieter model instead?
I would love to purchase a new Yamaha or Honda generator but for the cost of modifications have the aforementioned available.

So opinions are needed.


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I've thought about that a bit also. I was thinking of making a collapsible box so it can be stored easily, vented, so the genset could breath, also insulated for sound damping. Just haven't come up with a good plan for it yet.
I added a extra muffler to a bigger genset years ago, didn't make a difference in noise levels. Engine itself was just noisy as all get out.