Well, the moderator may have a vote and may delete the whole thing but that doesn't make it a forum rule. If there is a rule then there's a rule.

You can actually call the moderator and suggest what they do! Whew!

And actually, the discussion was reasonable, albeit a little off topic, but not really seeing as how the original post was all caps and the second poster mentioned all caps.
If this thread is removed or posts have been removed then a lot of readers will see that you used your 'connections' to have things removed that you disagree with.

DL Rupper

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Hey benwd, here's some food for thought. A "universally accepted practice" is considered the same as a formal rule or law in a "Court of Law".

If you would take the time to check out other forums on the Internet you would soon discover that all forums universally communicate in lower case in lieu of all caps. How many commercial e-mails have you received from businesses that were in all caps.

Generally speaking when you talk to someone you talk in a normal tone of voice. You don't SHOUT. All caps is considered shouting. So when someone asks you to use lower case they are only asking that you don't shout at them.

If you want to shout, please feel free to do so, and we will feel free to not listen. :evil:

What they do is up to them, I have no control over this forum. They are intelligent and will do what they think best.
This page has gotten completely off the wall and away from the topic. You have taken one mans opinion and run it in the ground because you don't agree. The funny part is you have not used all caps, not once. WE have said there are exceptions. If you need caps to see, FINE, but again you have not used them and that is one thing that makes this whole conversation ridiculous.
I have said "enough said" and that is all I am going to say. Good bye

The thread is still here and that's good.

The thread has two topics, one is about a leak in the roof and the other is about posting with all caps because all caps were used by the OP and the second poster refered to his use of all caps.

I'm not unaware that most people post in lower case but that doesn't mean everyone has to.

I'm not unaware that some consider upper case as shouting as I've seen that claim before, but that doesn't make it so, only as interpreted by some. The OP used caps and clearly wasn't shouting so anyone who perceived it as shouting is perception challenged. When you say all caps is shouting it is opinion only when those who use caps clearly are not intending to shout.

I haven't taken one man's opinion and run it in to the ground. I have stated that some are opinionated against all caps and my point has been that a poster is free to use either. What has been run in to the ground is the opinions that one should not be free to use caps.

I don't use all caps because I choose not to and I don't believe anyone who chooses to use all caps shouldn't be told they can't or implied that someone reading it doesn't want them to do so by saying 'please do not use all caps in your posts'. If all caps bothers someone just like other things in posts bother people, then don't read it. There is no rule on this or any other forum that anyone has to read stuff they don't like and that includes anything I write. And no one on this or any other forum can declare 'enough said' except the moderator.

I would suggest that anyone who chooses to post in all caps to do so and be happy and anyone who mis-interprets it as shouting shouldn't read it. Generally accepted practices don't limit the freedoms of all.

C Nash

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WOW, gone three weeks and never heard this kind of conversatation around the campfire :eek: (no fires because of no fire burn due to drought) Kirk just stated what most of us that post regular will tell posters. No big deal

Del, if you are still around after all this lets try to get back to your leak problem. Don't fully understand what you are speaking of but,a strip of tape or any material made for rubber roof repair should solve the problem. Is the strip of wood on top of the slide rubber roof material :eek:

Poor guy could be like me amd computer dumb some times :laugh: You know upper case only bothers me when it comes from my X wife :cool: it means she's P.O.'D about something I did 29 years ago.

But did any body solve the guy's leaky problem. I just bought a 5 th wheel with a slide and first chance I get I am going to put one of those little awnings on it to keep the leaves and crud from building up. I am to lazy to climb a ladded everytime I want to close the slide :laugh: