Slide-out Rubber Roof Leak

Need some quick help. I have had a leak in the living room slide-out of my 2002 Southwind 37-U since I bought it. The dealer turned out to be a joke, couldn't even get them on the phone except for the operator who put me on hold for long periods. So I finally gave up on them.

Here is the problem. I have A&E Slide-out toppers on both slides. The material separated and got really raggedy looking. I called A&E and the price they gave me for OEM was ridiculous. So I went to an Umbrella Factory and they are making me new toppers for almost half the price. The material is acrylic, very strong, and water resistant. Also matches the paint colors on my motorhome pretty good too.

I want to fix that pesky leak in the slide-out while I have the topper material off. They have rubber roofing material on them but evidently the water is getting through it or around it. What do you recommend that I coat the roof with to seal it. When I first bought the motorhome all the screws had the heads broken off on the trim piece along the outside edge of the slide-out. I fixed them and put Devcon caulking under the trim. But that didn't solve the problem.

If you need further clarification or have a quick solution please e-mail me at:

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Oh, and the dealer was Walt Michael's Stupor Store in Belleville, Michigan. Avoid them.


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Slide-out Rubber Roof Leak

Are you sure that the leak is in the roof of the slide and not around the seals? That is the first issue to determine. If it is the slide roof it's self, then there are several products that are made for covering rubber roof material, or you could have the material replaced. You will need to find some way to keep the seals away from it while it cures. Any good RV store should have at least one product made for what you wish to do.
Slide-out Rubber Roof Leak

Like Kirk, I don't belive your roof is leaking. It is the seals around the slideout. Water will run and not come in where you think it is leaking. We had a pesky leak on time in a Keystone product and the wiper was wide enough.

Also, makers of toppers do not claim they are a leak fix.
Slide-out Rubber Roof Leak

I used eternabond's webseal tape and UV Protectant Paint to seal my seam permanently. It worked great. I had the paint tinted to the color of my RV. I was very impressed at how good and professional it looked. You can check out the tape at
Slide-out Rubber Roof Leak

Thanks for the responses. Sorry it has taken so long to get back to tell what I found. The topper fabric, vinyl, seperated on the slide-outs and I called A&E to see about replacing them. I was suprised at the price for vinyl replacement fabric. Fortunatedly there is a company close to where I live that makes umbrellas. The type used at beach hotels and resorts all over the world. I called them and then took the defective toppers to them. They made new toppers for my motorhome out of acrylic fabric that matches the colors in my motorhome. And it was a lot less expensive than the vinyl and the material is the same thickness.

Anyway, while I had the topper off the living room slide I decided to do a thorough investigation of the top. Turns out you were all right. The leak was not in the roof itself, the rubber material had not been sealed where it met the aluminum frame of the slide-out. I washed the top using Murphy's oil soap and a soft brush. The inside of the slide out was soaking wet by the time I got through. I was going to caulk it but looked at the Eternabond website instead and decided that was the best way to go. I ordered a roll 4" wide and will "L" shape it over the seam. The seal rubber does not contact the slide out top at that point because it is a flat floor slide out. If I put the tape in the "L" shape down the seam the rubber seal will contact the Eternabond tape when the slide out is in the extended position.

I also believe the acrylic material is a better water resistant barrier than the vinyl original equipment.

Thanks again for the help. I learned about using Murphy's Oil Soap on my rubber roof from this website. Works great.
RE: Slide-out Rubber Roof Leak

Hello from Albuquerque.

Would you mind sharing the exact steps you went through to replace your topper fabric. My slide topper fabric is approximately three and a half years old and needs replaced. I would like to replace it myself, but can find no written instections had to disassemble the slide topper in order to replace the fabric. Thanks
Re: Slide-out Rubber Roof Leak

I posted a response to you in your other inquiry. You can e-mail me at if you need further assistance. I used an Umbrella Factory close to my home but you may be able to find someone who makes awnings or umbrella's closer to you. In any event, I am very satisfied with the toppers. The shop foreman told me to wash them once a year and spray them with scotch guard for carpets. He said the carpet scotch guard is the same as that used for upholstery but cost half as much.