Slide out Sticks?????


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Yes, I have a 2007 265RL Laredo Fifth Wheeler and when I open my slide from a completly closed position the left side seems to stick a little and my side of my trailer moves a little then it lets go and opens , is this normal my dealer seems to think so any help from the pro's out there would be appreciated. Thanks.

C Nash

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Re: Slide out Sticks?????

Tell the dealer to put it in writing that this is normal. Does he have another new one that you can look to see if it does the same? Sounds like something is sticking or out of alignment to me.


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RE: Slide out Sticks?????

Is this a Leppert? If so, there is a free repair out there. If the dealer told you that it's OK for the slide to stick out on one side, take it to another. That's allot of BS.