slide out topper problem

We took our motor home in for the topper over the bedroom to be fixed after it wouldn't go out. They said the topper had reversed itself and that it was very rare for this to happen. Has anyone else had problems with their topper?
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HUH? Where did you take this and I would avoid going back. A slide topper is a round tube with a Spring in it and fabric wraped around it you start with several turns of spring tension and as the room extends and the fabric unwraps it increases spring tension. as the room retracts the spring tension rolls the fabric back on. No smoke and mirrors here to reverse itself would require the spring to be completely unwound and rewound backwards never seen it happen only way it could happen would be if someone did it so either someone is pulling your chain or the last place you had fix it did it wrong either way once you figure it out don't go back there.
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NOPE, topper won't "reverse" itself. Last post was correct, the springs would have to have been wound backwards for the fabric to be reversed on the roller tube.

C Nash

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They were correct on one thing. It sure would be rare :laugh: . Ask them to give you more details on this. Even if it was wound backwards, wouldn't it still go out? maybe when it was wound in, the slide, the topper got caught and prevented it from going out. If it was the slide that wouldn't go out. Think it would just rip the topper though :question: :question:
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It actually would not work wound backward. The ones we install, the roller is mostly below the facia on the slideout. Maybe an inch clearance. If the fabric is backwards, it would drag across the facia and then have to go down to wrap around the roller. I really don't see how anyone could or would leave it that way.