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Is it normal for the slide to move out slightly. Noticed after traveling for awhile the bottom of my slide will be slightly ajar from the outside wall of the coach, is there a catch on it or something. My slide is gear driven and all the teeth and gears appear to be in good shape.

C Nash

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Slide Out

Bill, not normal. The Cougar we had never came out and there was no kind of lock. It also used the rack and pinion electric system. Some do have locks (adjustable poles) that have to be put in while traveling.
Slide Out


I have locks on both sides of my three slide outs which I lock when traveling. I assume that they keep them from shifting and make a weather tight seal.

Does anyone out there apply lubricant of any kind to their rack and pinion mechanism? I have opted to go with a dry type of lubricant.

2002 F-350 turbodiesel dualie
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Slide Out

Thanks for the replies I think I will contact National and see if there is some adjustment or lock I can use with my coach.
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