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I'm looking into buying a pull trailer with a super-slide out. Has anyone had trouble with leaks, the gearing or when it rains and slide it in. Do you have to dry it off inside the trailer so it doesn't drip inside :question: ?

Gary B

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Hi RR614, we have had a couple of 5th wheel s with 12' & 14' slides and had no problems with them at all, we didn't have any leaks, or problems with the slide mech. It is best IMO to try to get any water, leaves, dust or drit off before running the slide in, it is possible to wipe most of the slide top from inside using a small step stool, and yes if you don't wipe it there is difinetly water inside that will run off. Slide toppers help a great deal, although we never had one. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve: