Slideout do they leak?????

We are still lookin for a camper (probably a fifth wheel) with a slide out. Are these things weather tight? Do they leak? Do some manufacturers have problems and others have it figured out. Of course all the people I talk to say they are tight as a tick that's been on a dogs ear for a week but how about you guy's that own em. What do you say? Is it better to go with a camper without a slide?

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Slideout do they leak?????

Hi Thumbs, for the most part they don't leak water, (of course anything is possible), when we had our 5th wheel with a slide we had zerro problems, but in cold weather they are colder and leak air, and in a very high wind and snow storm we had some snow come in. We now have a MH without a slide and do miss the extra room that a slide gives you. If we were to go back to a 5er it would have a slide. Good luck in your search GB


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Slideout do they leak?????

Attemmpting to wear out our second motorhome with slides and so far have been unsuccessful. Have yet to experience a leak of any kind from the Rio Grande Valley to Nancy Lake, Alaska. I always verify the seals are engaged after 60 to 70 MPH winds, otherwise we don't concern ourselves. I do inspect and lube my slide seals often. Always make sure my slide seals are tightly engaged both in and out. Happy Motoring, Butch @ Nancy Lake, Alaska


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Slideout do they leak?????

We have had 4 RV's with slides, only one we had a leak problem with. RV was 3 years old when it started leaking, seals were replaced at no charge and no more leaks. We do camp in weather when it gets into the low 20's, no problems heating. If you camp with the slide out and it snows on the roof, you will need to remove the snow before you put the slide in. If you want a RV to use for cool weather camping get duel pane windows.

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Slideout do they leak?????

Hi Gary,
We have a small slide on our travel trailer and would not be without one. They add a lot to the livability of the unit and ours does not leak at all.

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Slideout do they leak?????

I have a 97 Jayco with one slide that had a leak in the bedroom that came in from the overhead speaker. It leaked in from one of the trim lights on the front. Rain would get in there and run down to the speaker to the bed. Sealed the lights and no more problem. No leaks from the super slide at all.


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Slideout do they leak?????

Hello! :) I have 2 slide on my CC Affinity; neither one of them has ever leaked. I always brush off the top of them before I move the slide's in. Lubricate them at regular intervals, and you shouldn't have any problems. Most troubles with slides start at the factory. Mis-installed, frame's bent, or something else that QC doesn't catch........ John
Slideout do they leak?????

We are on our second trailer. this one has 2 slides, and no leaks either unit. I can also suggest the slide toppers (awnings). They help keep the rain run off the tops of the slides and the provide a little heat protection from direct sunlight in the summer time.


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