slideout trouble

I have a '96 26ft Gulfstream Conquest with about a 6ft. slideout. We left the slideout open all last season at our campground. This year we plan to do some traveling but when I tried to close the slideout, it would only go in a couple of inches. Then the hydraulic pump would kick out. After tinkering around, I found the manual lever and I was able to manually bring the room in. I went underneath and Greased the rails and the channels they slide into, sprayed the cables and pulleys with silicone, but no help. Does anyone have any other ideas?
slideout trouble

Slides, jacks & gennys need to be exercised at least once a month. Depending on your location, I would go to either the RV mfgs plant or the jack mfgrs. I had problems with my slides and jacks and the final cure was to go to the mfg (HWH in Iowa). Even tho I was out of warranty, they did the necessary repairs, checked and tweaked the entire systems, took us to lunch and let us plug in over nite all at no charge. Can you beat that?