Slider Hitch for 5th Wheel

[Frank] I have a short box F250SD Powerstroke and want to upgrade my trailer. I have been advised to replace my existing hitch with a slider. Could I have some response on past experiences with this hitch?
Slider Hitch for 5th Wheel

[Leo] I tow with a SB and have no problem with a regular Reese 15K hitch. I have an extended pin box.
If you still want a slider, although I have no experience with them, I know that Reese makes one, but you have to manually get out of the truck and release it when necessary.
Another manufacturer makes one that slides automatically, I believe it is made by PullRite.
Slider Hitch for 5th Wheel

[Frank] Thanks for your comments Leo. At the moment I am using the same configuration but I am planning to go to a larger trailer and have been told that an extended pin box could not be fitted for weight and balance concers and that my only option will be a slider hitch. Your impressions?
Slider Hitch for 5th Wheel

[Steve] I have a shortbed F250 V10 and pull a 27 ft. 5er. I use a slider hitch with no complaints. This is the second I&#039ve had. I had one in a smaller truck before. I have to tell you though, I have never had to use the slider function. My 5er&#039s have always had extended pin boxes so I am able to turn anyway. I probably could get by with the Reese but, Murphy&#039s Law says that just as soon as I don&#039t have a slider, that&#039s when I&#039ll need it. Better safe than sorry! Besides, I like the fact that the mounting rails on the slider are very low to the floor and run lengthwise in the bed of your truck so they don&#039t get in the way much when you remove the hitch and use the truck for hauling. The mounting rails on the Reese go sideways and are higher above the floor so they get in the way.