small trailer

Looking for a 20ft travel trailer thats well built. Non entrylevel aluminum fraimed prefered. Any suggestions?

What about Big Foot trailers? The 25 foot weighs less than the Bambi dry and can carry a good load. How do they hold up?

DL Rupper

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small trailer

Anything in a 20' will probably be entry level. The only one I can think of that may be above entry level is a Airstream Bambi. Talking big bucks for little trailer. I would think any of the Fleetwood (Prowler, Terry, & Wilderness) trailers would be good. I hardly ever hear or read anything negative about them.

Aug 19, 2005
P.S. Disregard the plug for Fleetwood Trailers: I just opened the Sep issue of Highways magazine and found a Fleetwood recall (No. 50615) for Prowler, Terry and Wilderness trailers. Appoximately 500 2004/5 5th Wheel trailers have missing chasis cross-member welds that could cause a crash.
small trailer

Look at Gulf Stream. Specificaly the Stream Lite. Starting around 21'. They are aluminum framed with fiberglass standard. They are really well made and Gulf Stream does things no one else will do. Most lighweights we go up against don't even frame the walls for a window. We do. Check it out at Look them up under products, then towables.