Steve H

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I know one the forum members is camped out in Marblemount, WA. Last night the Cascades got 6 inches of snow (Snoqualmie) and was wondering if Lee is enjoying the WA weather! :eek:

Down here in the "lowlands" we had a major wind storm down trees in many areas and leaving otherswithout power.

News this morning said this has been the coldest June since 1894! Wettest too! So much for Global Warming!

Happy Camping and Stay Warm!

DL Rupper

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Re: Snow!

Yeah, the global warming has been real rough this year. What do the left wing pinko's have to say about the COLD, COLD weather this year in the North West. I know it must be a right wing conspirancy.


Re: Snow!

We had record high's the last couple of days. It was over 90 degrees most of last week, usually doesn't get this hot here until August
Seems like global warming is alive and well in Ohio. Either that or Tex sent me some of that hot Texas weather after all my complaining about the cold.



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Re: Snow!

Well I am in Colorado and even though the weather is pretty warm today. The ski slopes in Aspen are open this weekend.