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my wife and i are going from S. Florida to New Hampshire and are looking for some good places to stop that are dog friendly. We just put a new motor in our rv and are currently working on the genset. Everything else is ready to go, we are just not sure where to spend our nights. We have had our rv for about 3 months and have had to do a lot of work to it and are ready for the maiden voyage. Any suggestions anyone can provide will be appreciated. Thank You All!!!

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Re: south florida to new hampshire

Are you looking for really nice resorts or just overnight stops along the way?

New Green Acres RV, Walterboro, SC, I-95 exit 53. Good overnight stop. Reasonable. Nothing fancy.
South of the Border Campground, Dillon, SC, I-95 exit 193. Good overnight stop. Reasonable.
Interstate Inn and RV Park (behind the Inn), Roanoke Rapids, NC. I-95 about exit 173. Crappy but cheap.

Check out I reviewed each one of them. ;)


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Re: south florida to new hampshire


Curious where in New Hampshire are you travelling to? I grew up in the Granite State after my father retired from the Air Force.

If you are looking for a place in Va along I-95 you might take a look at the South Forty Campground around Petersburg. Used to be a KOA. Nice restauraunt at the entrance. (Not sure if you are going thru DC. If you are going to be using the CBBT this will be out of your way). One of the RV groups I belong to held a muster there in the past and it was nice.

If you are going to use the CBBT I suspect you would be getting off I-95 at Emporia Va (Hwy 58). There is a campground near Emporia (never stayed there). Not sure if you would want to roost a night before going over the CBBT complex if so you might want to look at the following parks in Va Beach (Holiday-Trav-L, KOA, First Landing State Park or if you are retired military any of the 4 FAMCAMPS(( Little Creek, Oceana, Dam Neck, Fort Story)) in the area.

DL mentioned "South of the Border" I have stayed their in the past overnight and agree with his assessment.

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We come down thru the Eastern Shore of MD/VA semi regularly. Can tell DO NOT stay at the one just before the Tunnel. DIRTY.
The best place for fuel on the Easten Shore is in VA at the truck stop just(like .5 mile) before the MD state line on the east side.
Coming north you will not have to cross over the highway. They sell great chicken to go, too. Or you can stop at Bonanza in Pokomoke city, MD, where 13 & 113 split . Plenty of parking in the rear.
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