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My wife almost has me convinced to go with the Springdale 295 bhl-gl. It is the '04 model and will have bunks and slide. I am trying to research as much as I can. I have read posts that people say it is a "beginner" trailer. Well it might not be the Taj Mahal, but it is in our ballpark for weight and money, and It has most of the creature comforts that the "big guys" have. I was wondering if anybody has recently purchased a springdale or has an old one and what they think about it.

I will be purchasing in the next few weeks and your opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Taz :)

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Hi Taz, if you like it, it fits your budget, and the tow vehicle, why not go for it. Its part of the Keystone family, not all bad in my book, as I said before I don't put much stock in the so called ratings books, many times will bash a unit they know nothing about, some just to justify what they have. We have been looking and thinking about a Sprinter of the same parent company, we like what we've seen. Good luck keep us upto date. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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Hi, our first TT was a Springdale. We had no complaints. In fact we would still have it if it had a slide out. We had the Springdale 260TBL. I dont think you will be making a mistake with Springdale. Our didnt have all the bells and whistles but it served our purpose during the time we had it.


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In response to the Springdale 295BH, Purchased a 268BH (this is the next model down from the 295BH. Seems to me the 295 is about two feet longer)in October 03 at year end closeouts. Actually looked at the 295BH first. It is about the same size. Liked the north/south queen bed in the front. My other half liked the 268BH, although the queen bed sits east west. Made a mistake with the rv dealer telling us our half ton pickup with a v8 would be enough to safely tow. Turned out to be to light of a truck for the trailer.

Had an issue with the water heater not heating up very fast on 110v. The dealer would not listen to us that there was a problem at first. I kept telling them it was probubly a bad element. Ended up calling Keystone the manufacure, managed to get through on the first try. Customer service agreed there was a problem and refered me to the water heater manufacture (Suburban). A technician at Suburban promptly pickup up the phone and told me exactly what to relay to the dealer to have the water heater tested. Wouldn't you know it turned out the be the element, as I had been saying all along. I was rather impressed with the quick response from both manufacture.

I also heard from others that Springdale's were entry level. It fit with in budget and the length 29 feet and slide out were what we were looking for. Like the sliding doors to the master bedroom. Gives a bit more privacy when the kids are sleeping in the bunks and you want to watch tv or read. Sound and lights are minimized.

Have been using an oscillating space heater when plugged in to 110v. Set it at 70 degrees and the furnace set as a back up. Did not hear the furnace kick on until outside temp dropped below 30 degrees.

Water heater works well and the refridge keeps thing cold. There are two 30 gallon grey water tanks, one for the galley and one for the bathroom. A large fresh water tank and 25 gal black water. Seems to have plenty of storage, although I really liked the double closet in the 295BH. Microwave is great. Only used the Airconditioner once, very cold air.

I found cranking the front jack for leveling and loading to take a lot of effort, due to it's size, so had an electric tonge jack installed that is worth it's weight in gold. Cost about 250.00 to have it put in, but I would recomment it.

So far we are very happy with this one over all. I still liked North/South master bed design better that the east/west. Rv's are a bit of a give and take. If it helps you, the msrp on the 268BH was around 21000.00 and we paid 15000.00 for the close out of a new 2003 model. Seems to me the 295BH was about a thousand more. Let me know if you need more info on this.