Starcraft 1800CK

Hi, I'm new to Rv'ing and am looking for any info I can find on this it a decent starter for myself, wife and two small kid?

I went to their site but couldn't find any info on the trailer it steel or aluminum? Welded?
anything else I should look for or must have options? I'm looking to buy a new one, and will look around this site to see if I can find more info

thanks...hope i posted this in the right section

I'll be pulling it with an 07 tundra doublecab 4wd
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Howdy, Bob! Welcome to the forum!

Lot of folks started out with a towable, so hopefully someone will know about that Starcraft. In the mean time, use the 'Search' button in the blue stripe above. Be sure and set the date range to 'All'. Look for 'Starcraft'.


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SEE Bob all you have to do is ask a question and before long you will get an answer , that what so sweet about this forum. good luck on your search and happy traveling.
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the ST will have a steel frame under carriage, wood studs for walls and roof,alum. sided. I dont carry starcraft but they do make a decent unit. what will you be pulling it with? let us know what there asking for it, maybe we can help you out on weather its a good price and floor plan for you and your family


I do have there 08 dealer pricing :laugh:


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Starcraft is an old company and they do a fine job. If you want an aluminum frame check the Travel Star XLT sport 20 DBB.