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Someone who is in the know. Which is better for a class C F-450 for steering improvement Steer-Safe,True Center, or Safe-T-Plus.Or someting else perhaps. Its a new rig a Jayco Melbourne and am Hitching a 500lb motorcycle on the back. Not a tow but a hitch carrier. Any recomundations or a little help to support the back also (Air bags, shock upgrade, or someting called active suspension by Roadmaster. Just want a set up that I dont have to worry about going down the road. Also what about stabilizers or sway bars? Just want the best set up I can buy. Money no object. Thank you anyone.
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I have a Winnie on an E-450 (which is what Jayco's website says is under the Melbourne) and I wouldn't think you can improve the steering at all. The Winnie is about the same thing except mine is 31 and yours is 29.

I also wouldn't think about putting a 500 lb. motorcycle on the tail end of it either. That's 500 lb. that you have to take out of your CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity) so, you might have to leave 2 people at home!

I don't think the frame will hold on mine. And the end of the frame is awful far from the rear axle. I believe the vertical tongue weight on mine is 350 lbs.

[ Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC): CCC means the maximum weight of all passengers, personal items, food fresh water, LP gas, tools, other cargo and dealer-installed accessories that can be carried by the trailer. CCC is equal to or less than the GVWR minus the UVW. ]

Just my opinion, and I hope this helps.

C Nash

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Any of the ones you list would be helpful but like Tex says the extra weight on the rear might really hurt handling. I have steer safe on our class A but I installed it in case of tire failure. Have you though about trailering the bike? I have seen them on the rear but just don't like the idea. Saw one that had broken off a classC on the interstate but don't know what kind of bike or platform he was using.
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The motorcycle and carrier weigh480 Lbs. Versahaul rated at 600lbs. Its just me in the home full time.The manufacturer said the tounge weight they said was rated at 1000 lbs. Have to check that again though. What will the air bags do for me? No way I want to tow. What is Roadmasters active suspension. and is it a good idea just for kicks to put a true center on the front. Will it help or a waste of money? Seems when I ask 10 people the same thing I get 10 different answers. I need someone with tech. knowelege to steer No pun intended me in the right direction. Thanks. Also whats better steer safe or the shock absorber type steering contrl (True center or safe t plus)
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I am not familiar with the Melbourne. But, if it is built like my '29 Jayco Designer Class C, you might want to take a very close look at the point Jayco added to the Ford frames. Mine has a small plate bolted to the junction with short beads of weld top and bottom on each side. I wouldn't trust that point to support 500# on the end of 12 ft of that added frame for any length of time. I believe a small MC trailer is the proper option. I looked and saw that the early Seneca's had the same construction as my Designer. Just my Humble opinion...........eddielee

P.S. that much weight that far aft of the rear wheels will lift quite a bit of weight off the front wheels. All the fiddling with steering and suspension won't prevent that. Throwing money at a preceived problem isn't the answer. You really should concider a MC trailer or a vehicle properly built to handle what you want to do. A diesel pusher Class A has the rear frame strength to carry the load - I've seen it done.