Strident beeping alarm sound problem...finally solved!


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Purchased this Fifth wheel a Travel Supreme 2005 last March and just started to use it two weeks ago.A strident beeping sound started to drive us crazy. Three successive beeps twice, sometimes, one single beep some other times at different intervals. Sometimes it was 24 hours before the beeping sound started again.
Checked the LP sensor, replaced the LP sensor (In case), disconnected the 12v battery, disconnected the power converter a Inteli Power 9100, disconnected the awning wind sensor, removed the awning fuse , checked the voltages , disconnected the vacuum cleaner, called an RV tech for advice, called the original owner for advice and asked why the smoke detector had been removed and could not be located( he didn't have a clue), replaced a new smoke detector, climbed the roof to blow in the awning wind sensor, made sure all the valves of the propane tanks were closed, searched for hours different RV forums, removed all deodorant from proximity of the LP gas detector, made sure the dryer timer was really at OFF position, told my dog to stop passing gases.
Again, this morning..beeping at 04h00. Our dog ...again..going crazy...WE are going crazy !!!!!!!
I finally climbed on top of the RV, blow in the wind sensor, maybe some insects within. Noticed lots of water on the awning over the left slide-out. Climbed down,use the ladder to try to remove as much water as possible from the top of the awning and then.....what do I find, outside, between the slide-out and the awning ??? The old smoke detector !!!!What the heck was it doing there? No clue!!It was obviously the alarm indicating low battery voltage that was driving us crazy.
We can now start enjoying our fifth wheel !!!!
see attached picture to view owner's mood this morning !



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glad you found the problem. I had something close to that back in 08, we was coming the hi way and something started the beeping like crazy. wife got out her seat and went looking. By the time she was out of her seat it stopped. Ok another 30-40 miles down the road it started again, same thing happen it stopped. This time she sat in dinning booth waiting on the beep, well it happen behind the slide out wall was the C02 detector. Once we stop I unplugged it and we continue our trip. I call Ken at Grandview and order a new one. Once I got it I replaced it, no more problems. I did go around and replaced all the 12v batteries in the detectors, and just did that again. I had read where someone was over come by C02 while parked at the Talladega race track, so I replaced them again. Just can't be to care full. I recommend that everyone changed the batteries twice a year, like we are suppose to do in our home. It is a cheap fix to insure we will be alerted in time to get our safely. Ok I type enought


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I'm in that boat also. Four years ago in your home state I was motoring down I-95 and all of a sudden the smoke alarm started beeping. Of course this was when I-95 in Ga was a goat rope, cones, barrels, jersey barriers, southern most rest area was clossed around mm39. Darn if it wasn't a good 10-12 miles between exits and had to listen to that clamoring the whole time. Finally pulled off at a truck stop and pulled that thing off the ceiling, ripped the battery out and tossed it all on the couch. Left it that way until I was in Miami. Man do those things make a racket when driving alone and no one able to stroll over and silence that puppy.


There was an episode of Modern Family where there was beeping that was driving them crazy. Phil was going nuts trying to figure out which detector was beeping. He had replaced all the detectors a few months before. What he didn't know was, his son, who was directed to get rid of the old ones, figured he would save them in the attic!