Suburban water heater control board


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Went camping last week, used hot water heater, worked fine. This weekend went to use it, burner would light,, then kick off, it would try two more times. I checked propane,plenty. It acts like the flame snsor was bad. Replaced it, still kicked off.the only other thing is the circut board. Any body got anything else


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If you have had the propane off at any recent time or not used the heater for a while. Recycle the heater several times turning it off after the 3 try to light then back on. you just may have to purge the propane line. Also reseat any wiring to the control board.



well i will step into this ,, to me sounds like u may have a lp regulator problem ,, try tapping on the reg a few times and see what happens ,, since u said it did work "last weekend" i kinda doubt u have a board issue ,, but it can happen ,, but i have a gut feeling it might be the regulator ,, but JMO ,, i know others will come and say other things ,, but agian JMO ,, and i am gone for awhile ,, on the road