Sun RV Superstore, beware!!!

[Musicman] Had a deposit to buy an Aerolite at Sun RV in New Port Richey, Florida. We agreed to take delivery on April 9th.The trailer was a new leftover 2000 25FBR with optional slide. On March 28 a salesman informed that the trailer was sold to someone else.My deposit was returned. Spoke to general manager and I requested for him to get me the same trailer and since he couldn&#039t locate a leftover he informed me he couldn&#039t satisfy my order. I&#039m unable to locate another one so this dealer caused me to purchase another one at a mnuch higher cost.
Sun RV Superstore, beware!!!

[mark c] Thanks for the info i will remember it!!
What you need to do is go to all the rv forums you can and tell your story thats the only way you can let others know what a mess this dealer is
Hope in the end all goes as good as it can.
Dealers like this make a bad name for rv dealers everywhere
if the dealer has a email address let us know so we can send them an email