Sunline doors closed ????????????

Has anyone heard anything about Sunline? Went to dealer to have some warranty work done yesterday. Dealer told me they are unable to provide any warranty work for Sunline, as Sunline is not answering thier phones etc.

Supposedly this past Friday, when the dealer attempted to get parts from the Sunline factory, they could not, phones not answered, requests for payment for prior warranty work performed not answered.

Sounds like Sunline has closed it's doors and possibly going thro a bankruptcy.

Has anyone heard anything? I recently purchased a new sunline trailer, my old one was 20 years old. Per the dealer my appliances are warranted by the appliance manufacturer, but structure, electrical etc etc is not covered.

Nancy O in PA
Re: Sunline doors closed ????????????

Were they merely closed for the Holiday? Sat. was a holiday in some states, and some business were closed Fri.

Cindy Spencer

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Re: Sunline doors closed ????????????

I just received a fax from Sunline stating that their plant is shutdown. They are making every effort to reverse this action and resume normal operations.

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RE: Sunline doors closed ????????????

Yup. Can't really talk much about it. But I know they were [EDITED FOR CONFIDENTIALITY] - so the doors are closed.


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Re: Sunline doors closed ????????????

"But I know they were [EDITED FOR CONFIDENTIALITY] - so the doors are closed."

This may be a dumb question, but what purpose did that post serve?
Re: Sunline doors closed ????????????

I don't think it to be a dumb question, Kirk, but I can't [EDITED FOR CONFIDENTIALITY] let on that I want people to know how [EDITED FOR CONFIDENTIALITY] because there are many employees of [EDITED FOR CONFIDENTIALITY] that still don't know that they will be [EDITED FOR CONFIDENTIALITY] before the end of the year. ;)
Re: Sunline doors closed ????????????

I just received an e-mail from It was a news alert and stated that Sunline is closed. They anticipate selling off assets to satisfy two creditors. They also stated that they were not expecting enough assets left over to pay warranty.

After 40 years, Sunline is apparently gone.

I tried to paste and copy, but computer hung up. You might try:, and get the story yourself.
RE: Sunline doors closed ????????????

Magazine Article


DENVER, Penn. -- Sunline Coach Company has shut its doors after more than 40 years in operation and, according to a letter sent to dealers by the company's attorney, the firm will be liquidated to satisfy two creditors.

A letter sent to all dealers today from attorney Anthony Giannascoli broke the news. Here's the text:

"This letter will serve as notice to you that Sunline Coach Company has engaged in a plant shutdown and is closing its doors and ceasing all on-going business operations."

"For some time, Sunline has been actively seeking capital from potential equity investors and venture capital firms. Sunline has also been negotiating with potential buyers in an attempt to avoid a shutdown. In today's business environment, these efforts have proven very difficult and in the end unsuccessful. As of the end of business Thursday, Nov. 9, 2006, Sunline determine that it was regrettably unable to reach and agreement with a final buyer to avoid a shutdown. Notice of the shutdown was provided to Sunline employees the next day, and this communication is being forwarded to you as soon as the circumstances have permitted."

"As a result of the shutdown and termination of operations, Sunline anticipates that its primary secured lender will require a liquidation of all of Sunline's assets. Sunline will attempt to maximize the proceeds from this anticipated liquidation. Sunline also has a second secured credit. It is anticipated that all liquidation proceeds will be used to satisfy Sunline's secured debts with these two creditors."

?Sunline does not anticipate that the liquidation of its assets will produce sufficient proceeds to enable Sunline to satisfy any of its unsecured debts. We regret to inform you that as a result of the shutdown, Sunline will no longer exist as a going concern to satisfy any warranty claims."

"As you can imagine, the shutdown of Sunline, with its 40 plus year history, was an extremely difficult decision and all the management oat Sunline regret any difficulties you, as a dealer, may experience as a result of Sunline's closure and liquidation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me."

The letter was signed by attorney Giannascoli. His phone number is listed as (610) 321-5500 and his e-mail address is