Sunline Review

My wife & I are thinking about buying a Sunline T1950 this spring. I'll be retiring from the AF next year after 41 years active duty (yes, that was 41 years). We plan to hitch up and hit the road -- no alarm clock, no schedule, no destination in mind, and no late night Command Post telephone calls. ;)

We have a new Toyota 4-Runner, so I'm limited to a TT of about 500 lb. Would be interested in hearing about how anyone likes/or dislikes their Sunline. Would also appreciate any other suggestions in the 5000 lb category.


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Sunline Review

I've had 3 Sunline trailers, and found them to be a better buy than most. In addition, the factory goes out of their way to accomodate those stopping by for parts, repair, or installations. However, where gross weight is critical, I feel that "Trail-lite" is the way to go. Trail-lite is aerodynamically structured to resist wind stresses, and the underside is enclosed. Best of all, Trail-lite can be purchased on-line from a factory outlet at substantially lower prices than regular dealers.