Synthetic Oil in Generator


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Hey Tex glad that you are ok and not having any clean up. As Nash stated just wave your magic wand and keep safe :laugh: :laugh:


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Synthetic lubricating oil

Synthetic oils for use in diesel engines are primarily blended from synthesized hydrocarbons and esters. These base oils are manufactured by chemically reacting lower molecular weight materials to produce a lubricant that has planned predictable properties.

Synthetic oil was developed for use in extreme environment where the ambient temperature may be as low as -50°F[-45°C] and extremely high engine temperatures at up to 400°F[205°C]. Under these extreme conditions petroleum base stock lubricants (mineral oil) do not perform satisfactorily.

Synthetic lubricating oil for use in areas where the ambient temperature is consistently lower than -13°F[-25°C]. Synthetic lubricating oil may be used at higher ambient temperatures provided they meet the appropriate API Service categories and viscosity grades.