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Hey Tex glad that you are ok and not having any clean up. As Nash stated just wave your magic wand and keep safe :laugh: :laugh:


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Synthetic lubricating oil

Synthetic oils for use in diesel engines are primarily blended from synthesized hydrocarbons and esters. These base oils are manufactured by chemically reacting lower molecular weight materials to produce a lubricant that has planned predictable properties.

Synthetic oil was developed for use in extreme environment where the ambient temperature may be as low as -50°F[-45°C] and extremely high engine temperatures at up to 400°F[205°C]. Under these extreme conditions petroleum base stock lubricants (mineral oil) do not perform satisfactorily.

Synthetic lubricating oil for use in areas where the ambient temperature is consistently lower than -13°F[-25°C]. Synthetic lubricating oil may be used at higher ambient temperatures provided they meet the appropriate API Service categories and viscosity grades.


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I just did an oil and filter change in my Generac 5.6kw gen set. I used Amsol 5-30 synthetic oil for the job.....

Everything went well and I was a happy camper....The gen set only has 450 hrs on it and I just wanted it to last as long as it could.

I am at the local RV dealer talking about a lube job and Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin oil change on the MH and mentioned that I had just changed the oil on my Gen set..(With Synthetic oil)......The Tech told me that they have had a lot of trouble with Synthetic in Gen sets.....Evidently the oil pressure sensor does not like that thin oil (when the engine gets hot) and will stop the gen set due to lack of oil pressure...????

Has anyone heard of this or is this guy just "Way Out There" ???? :eek: :eek: :) :) :)
I changed my oil at 6500 or 7000 miles on the engine oil. The genset doesn't run that much so changing that oil we be later own. enjoy your camping
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Synthetic multi viscosity oil is the best. I've had it in my generator for over 18 years. Amsol is as good as it gets. Multi viscosity oil doesn't get thinner when hot, it gets thicker because of the additives.



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