Tag Axels


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Tag Axels

- extra weight carrying capacity
- greater directional stability in cross-winds and big rig passing situations
- additional braking capacity

- extra weight to carry around
- two additional tires to replace
- additional brakes to service

When Chevy and Ford chassis needed additional weight carrying capacity for larger rigs, tax axles were the cure. Now, with bigger capacity chassis, the tag is not needed. I'm happy with my tax axle chassis.

Phil, Joyce, and Charlie the Sheltie Eog; '96 Bounder 36S towing an '89 Honda Accord


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Tag Axels

I know tht they help stabilize the rig in high wind situations, and seem to make for better traction. I have them on my 2000 Affinity, 42'with 2 slides. I just happen to like how they look, and it seems to make sense visually; too. I also know that they help carry the weight back there. That's all! John