Tag Axle (Dual) v Single Axle


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I currently own a Monaco Windsor. It is my first motorhome, although my parents had a Class C that I traveled in quite a bit 30 years ago. Point is I have only experienced a single axle. I am looking for an upgrade and am looking at a 40' Travel Supreme v. a 45' of the same make. The 45' has a dual axle.
I know that you pay more for tolls with a dual axle but from what I have heard that seems to be only drawback. However, I have heard/seen very little comparing these two. I have never rode in or drove a dual axle. I would appreciate insight from anyone that has some info. or opinion to offer


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Re: Tag Axle (Dual) v Single Axle

I have no personal experiance, however, the following should be kept in mind.

The primary reason to have a tag axel is increased weight capacity. The law limits the weight on 1 axel to 20,000 pounds, so if you want more weight, you need another axel. For instance, in my single axel coach, I have about 1000 pounds left of the rear axel capacity. This means that I have be very careful in what I put in the rear (where most of the storage is), plus I have very little left for pin weight for the hitch.

The down sides of a tag are 1) you need to buy and maintain 2 more tires. 2) you loose a fair amount of storage space taken up by the extra axel and wheels 3) sharp turns can cause the tires to be dragged sideway (scrubbed), although some tag axels can be 'raised' to prevent this. 4) tag raising mechanism is something else to maintain and break, 5) axel based tolls can be higher, perhaps significantly, 6) in at least 1 state, the tax on diesel is higher (.08/gallon) for 'heavy' vehicles, which includes any vehicle with more than 2 axels.


Re: Tag Axle (Dual) v Single Axle

My MH has tags ,, and i love them ,, if u get into some good cross winds then just jack more air into them and the ride is smooth,,, but u gotta watch out ,, cause ,, if u have to much air in the tags then they will lift u'r drive wheels off the ground if u have to go up a incline (been there) ,, but yes as hertig has said ,, u have 2 more tires to buy ,, as far as tolls ,,, i don;t travel anywhere there are tolls on vehicles ,, but u never know i might someday ,,, as long as there is a beach near by ;) :laugh: