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Hi everyone. I regretfully write this post because of something I did during the reno of our 1993 Ford e350 HoneyBear motorhome. When replacing the back lights, I seemed to misplace the old bulbs. Now I don’t know what bulbs I need. It’s no where to be found in any manuals, online, etc.
Luckily I was able to read a post saying most motorhome lights are 1157’s. After trying it I was able to replace 4/6 of my 3pc horizontal lights. On each side, the two that are missing are the ones with the white light in it. The other 4 are red. The red ones are 1157’s but I can’t seem to figure out the white ones at all. They only have 1 metal circle at the bottom compared to the 1157’s which have two.
Any help is SO appreciated. Thx all ☺️☺️